LoFric Sense

User-friendly, safe and discreetly designed

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LoFric Sense

Tailor-made for women’s needs. LoFric Sense is small and discreet, yet still long enough for complete bladder emptying.

  • What do users think of LoFric Sense?

    We designed LoFric Sense to suit a woman’s needs. It is safe, and has a tube long enough to ensure complete emptying of the bladder. At the same time, it is small and discreet with a feminine design. LoFric Sense, not manufactured with PVC, Phthalates and latex.

    To find out what our users think, we conducted a survey which targeted new- and existing LoFric Sense users. The survey had a total of 725 respondents from 8 different countries.

    97% of users are very satisfied with LoFric Sense
    90 % would recommend LoFric Sense to a friend
    98% agreed that LoFric Sense is easy to insert and withdraw

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