LoFric Sense

User-friendly, safe and discreetly designed

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About LoFric Sense

LoFric Sense is a hydrophilic intermittent catheter, tailor-made for women and their needs. The ergonomic grip allows for a better grip and non-touch technique. It's easy and discreet to carry and use anywhere.

User-friendly, safe and discreetly designed.

LoFric Sense catheters are coated with the unique Urotonic Surface Technology. This ensures the catheter remains smooth and safe, both during insertion and withdrawal.1 LoFric catheters are designed to maintain good urethral health also in the long-term2

  • LoFric catheters are designed to maintain good urethral health also in the long-term.2
  • Hydrophilic-coated catheters reduce the risk of urinary tract infection (UTI) .3

The outside

  • Discreet ”non-medical” design.
  • Fits in a pocket or a purse.
  • Adhesive tab for reliable hanging.
  • Package doubles as disposable pouch.

The inside

  • The patented Urotonic Surface Technology ensures that the catheter remains smooth and safe both at insertion and withdrawal.
  • Ideally sized for complete bladder emptying.
  • Ergonomic grip – allows for better control and non-touch technique.


LoFric Sense users in some countries can take advantage of an exclusive set of free accessories such as a toiletry bag and mirror. Contact your local Wellspect office for more information.


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  • What do users think of LoFric Sense?

    We designed LoFric Sense to suit a woman’s needs. It is safe, and has a tube long enough to ensure complete emptying of the bladder. At the same time, it is small and discreet with a feminine design. LoFric Sense, not manufactured with PVC, Phthalates and latex.

    To find out what our users think, we conducted a survey which targeted new- and existing LoFric Sense users. The survey had a total of 725 respondents from 8 different countries.

    97% of users are very satisfied with LoFric Sense
    90 % would recommend LoFric Sense to a friend
    98% agreed that LoFric Sense is easy to insert and withdraw

  • Instructions for use


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