Making a real difference - now and for the future

  • Sustainability at Wellspect

    Wellspect works for a sustainable society with a holistic approach where environmental, social, and economic aspects are interdependent and crucial to the result. We use our resources effectively and responsibly and work to make a difference for current and future generations. Our sustainability work is guided by the Science Based Targets initiative as well as evidence-based reporting. We walk the talk.

    Maria Berntsson
    Manager Environment Health and Safety, Wellspect HealthCare

Our sustainability work and focus areas

As a responsible business, we promote business practices that respect human rights and social needs. We also create reliable and user friendly products for continence care, with as little environmental impact as possible. Our sustainability work encompasses three main focus areas including reduction of our environmental footprint, good health and well-being and finally safe, committed and inspiring workplace. All three focus areas are incorporated into our business strategy and translate into actionable measures across our offices and production plants.

  • The UN sustainable development goals

    We believe in the importance of advancing together to create a better future. We have identified where our opportunities and objectives as a business are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The three pillars of our sustainability strategy are therefore connected to five out of 17 global sustainability goals. With our industry specific knowledge, we can contribute to achieving the UN’s global agenda.