Our mission & values

Our mission and values are at the core of our business. They are central to our continued innovation and operational excellence.

Our vision

We passionately strive to make a real difference every day to everyone who needs our products and services. Making a real difference for our users, our partners and society at large is at the core of what we do. It is our passion statement. It is what unites us and gives us that sense of purpose. 

Our mission

Wellspect is on a mission to support people suffering from bladder and bowel dysfunction by providing safe and innovative continence care products that enable people to live more independent and dignified lives. While this is our mission at a glance, we have set the bar high and committed to much more in the frame of our mission. Read our mission statement in full


Our values

Wellspect is a business with a heart. We listen carefully to our network of users, healthcare professionals and scientists to find ways to improve continence care. Together we can find the most relevant and innovative solutions.

  • Making a real difference

    “This is what ties us together here at Wellspect! We all share a strong passion for making a difference – a real difference – to our users, our customers and to society. This passion is what drives us to constantly search for new solutions and innovations. It is also the undertone in all our activities, at all levels, internally and externally. And there is no greater satisfaction than receiving all that positive feedback from our users and healthcare professionals.”

    Svenn Poulsen
    Group Vice President, Wellspect HealthCare