Sustainable product development

We create reliable and user-friendly products with as little environmental impact as possible.

  • Pioneering the world's first ecolabelled catheters

    LoFric’s catheters have been awarded the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. The Swan is the official Nordic ecolabel. To obtain this, a product must adhere to strict environmental criteria which includes certain standards for type and ratio of chemical material. The ecolabel also makes it easier for consumers to make environmentally friendly choices when choosing between products. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel applies to: LoFric Elle, LoFric Origo, LoFric Sense, LoFric Hydro-Kit and LoFric Primo.

  • A greener cathether surface more in balance with nature

    Innovation is key to product superiority and to reduced environmental footprint. In 2020, we introduced a new coating process for our LoFric catheters. The new coating process uses 98% less water, cutting down substantially on water consumption. It also requires fewer chemicals due to the use of a different solvent which is the most environmentally friendly alternative available for the process. The new coating process and our unique Urotonic Surface Technology TM have been thoroughly tested and validated according to the standards. Should you like to have more details on our greener manufacturing process, please contact our customer service representatives.

  • Product life cycle analysis

    At Wellspect we use Life Cycle Analysis as a tool to identify which factors within the manufacturing of our products have the highest environmental impact and through that we can identify potential product improvements and “hotspots”. The LCA process looks at all areas of the production process, from the sourcing of raw materials and manufacturing to distribution and eventually end of life.

  • POBE - the best possible catheter tube material available today

    It was a Life Cycle Assessment made in 1990 which started the journey to a PVC-free assortment. Since 2009 the material in the LoFric catheter tubes is POBE, a Polyolefin Based Elastomer. The POBE material in the tube contains no PVC or plasticizers and combines very good physical characteristics with an exceptionally good environmental performance. POBE consists of carbon and hydrogen and the material has a low environmental impact, for example 33% lower environmental load for catheters in POBE compared to polyurethane*.”

  • Sustainable procurement

    An important part of our sustainability work is to ensure that we have complete control over our supply chains. We demand that our suppliers share our values and commit to the outlined requirements in our Business Partner Code of Conduct. We also collaborate with our suppliers to foster sustainable business practices. By sharing our sustainability ambitions with them, we can inspire and set new norms. Only then can we make a real difference and be credible and transparent throughout our value chain.