Good health and well-being

We empower people to gain independence and to lead full lives.

Good health and well-being

Many of those who need our products and services experience how their symptoms limit their everyday lives. The stigma surrounding bladder and bowel dysfunction also makes it hard for them to ask for help.

Access to innovative continence care

At Wellspect, we seek to empower more people suffering from bladder and bowel dysfunction in order for them to gain independence and to enjoy a full life, through access to innovative continence care solutions. To this end, we provide easy to learn and teach products, committed support and education to healthcare professionals. We continuously expand into new markets as well to enable more people around the world to get access to our products. 

Raising awareness and reducing stigma

As part of our work on good health and well-being, we  use several global communication channels to spread awareness about bowel and bladder dysfunction and inform people about the solutions that our products provide.

We run blogs in which we share scientific information and user stories. We carry out education through our sales organization and we partake in interviews and newspaper articles with the goal of informing the public about bladder and bowel issues, the solutions, and thereby breaking the stigma to speak about them. 

We also initiated ACCT, Advancing Continence Care Together, a global forum which gathers science, industry and healthcare professionals with the aim to share, interact and discuss how to best advance bladder and bowel continence care for the benefit of users around the world.

Spotlight on good health and well-being

Connecting it all to the UN SDGs

We have identified where our opportunities and objectives are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our work on good health and well-being is aligned with the following goals: