LoFric Hydro-Kit

The all-in-one-solution - safe and easy to use anywhere.

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About LoFric Hydro-Kit

The all-in-one-solution – safe and easy to use anywhere

LoFric Hydro-Kit is an all-in-one hydrophilic catheter kit product for intermittent catheterization. It has an integrated collection bag and is ready to use anywhere. The loops allow easy opening and the textured Insertion Grip allows for better grip and non-touch technique. Thanks to the long neck it can be hung over the knee for convenient catheterization. Based on the unique Urotonic Surface Technology that ensures safe and smooth catheterization, LoFric Hydro-Kit minimizes health complications even in the long term.

Available in sizes for men, women and children.

  • Sterile salt solution included. Squeeze and it’s ready to use.
  • Collection bag with printed scale, 1000 ml.
  • Emptying possibility. Tear to empty the bag.
  • Option to separate catheter from collection bag.
  • Textured Insertion Grip for better grip and control, allowing non-touch technique.

The all-in-one-solution

Having to use a catheter certainly shouldn’t stop you from doing what you want to do. And with a catheter kit, you have everything you need for emptying your bladder without access to a bathroom. A catheter and a collection bag, all in one kit.

  • Safe and easy to use anywhere

    Catheter kits are useful both when you are out and about, and when you have difficulty leaving your bed or wheelchair. LoFric Hydro-Kit is designed to meet both lifestyle and medical needs. This flexibility ensures that users of different ages and conditions can manage their bladder wherever they are—and thereby feel confident to do the things they want to do.

  • “Small enough to put in my pocket”

    I live an active life, travelling a lot, and sometimes I find myself in places without accessible toilets. That is when I appreciate using LoFric Hydro-Kit. It’s small enough to put in my pocket, and thanks to the built-in collection bag I can more or less use any private room to empty my bladder. Afterwards I put it in my backpack for disposal whenever suitable. I prefer a kit over separate components that must be assembled, especially when I’m travelling as it greatly reduces the risk of leakage.

    -Kent, Paraplegic

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