LoFric's surface has perfect balance LoFric Bladder products

LoFric is a pioneer within continence care and a complete solution for short- and long-term bladder management. The unique Urotonic Surface Technology is in perfect balance with the body and enables intermittent catheterization in a sustainable, safe and user-friendly way.

LoFric is the choice you can always trust

With smart features and discreet packaging LoFric easily becomes a natural part of everyday and enables anyone who has urinary problems to live a more balanced life.

LoFric Bladder Care Products

  • LoFric has a balanced surface – that makes all the difference

    LoFric’s unique Urotonic Surface Technology makes all the difference.

    To minimize risk of microtrauma during daily catheterizations, the surface is of outmost importance.

    The Urotonic Surface Technology

    • The unique Urotonic Surface Technology (UST) provides a catheter surface osmolality similar to urine due to salt/solute concentration in the coating that is in the same range as urine.
    • This to prevent the catheter from drying out.
    • This facilitates gentle catheterization by making the catheter smooth at insertion and withdrawal, minimizing the risks of urethral trauma, bleeding and strictures.1


  • Long-term safety

    Wellspect is a research driven company and scientific evidence is central to the development of our products. All products developed by Wellspect undergo a process in which performance and safety are carefully evaluated. As self-catheterization often is a lifelong therapy, catheters have to be suitable for long-term use.

    LoFric catheters have been tested and documented for almost 40 years, longer than any other hydrophilic catheter available.

    LoFric catheters are proven in multiple studies to be safe, also for long-term use.2

  • The non-touch technique is hygienic

    LoFric catheters have a distinct grip that helps the user to hold the catheter, without touching the catheter tube. It gives the user more control and makes it easy to insert the catheter into the urethra. Since it helps the user avoid touching the catheter tube, the procedure is more hygienic, reducing the risk for bacteria getting on the catheter tube.

  • Is it possible for a single-use plastic producer to be sustainable?

    Wellspect's core mission has always been to help and promote the health of our users in need of bladder management products.

    We never compromise our user's long-term health, but we are also aware of the environmental impact single-use catheter can have.

    Therefore, with every decision we make, we strive to minimize our impact on the planet.

    This means implementing continuous improvements to our products and services while making sure that our LoFric catheters still have the best possible clinical performance.

  • Form and function in perfect balance for easy everyday life

    When self-catheterizing 4-5 times a day it’s crucial that the experience is as hassle-free as possible. Easy handling and easy disposal are key and that’s why LoFric's hydrophilic catheters have many smart features.

    Every LoFric package is designed with discretion in mind. If a LoFric package slips out of a person’s handbag or pocket, it’s not obvious that it’s a catheter.

  • Easy to learn and use

    LoFric offers a wide variety of supporting material for both teaching and learning how to self-catheterize – for everyone involved. When a user can lead a more balanced life thanks to easy and safe intermittent catheterization, there is a better chance of adherence to the therapy.

    Maintaining high quality together

    Wellspect is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of intermittent urinary catheters, with LoFric as the most well-known brand. The company, with headquarters in Mölndal, Sweden, is present in more than 30 countries.

    Secure production lines and reliable deliveries are important parts of our brand promise and the quality of our products is noticeable whenever opening a LoFric package. It’s the same reliable and smooth experience every time.

    Over the years, Wellspect has earned a reputation for being a customer-centric company. We strongly believe that we need to keep on listening to the people who use our products and the healthcare professionals who prescribe them.

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