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Bowel Products Navina Mini

A small solution for instant results  

Navina Mini is a discreet and intuitive low-volume irrigation solution that can help with symptoms such as incomplete emptying or soiling. With a gentle flush of water, it clears the lower part of the rectum, providing immediate relief and preventing leakage.

The squeeze-friendly bulb holds 185ml of water and the cone has a rounded tip for comfortable insertion. Navina Mini also comes with a reusable extension tube if extra reach is required. 

  • Discreet and intuitive.
  • Durable design with 60 uses (both water container and extension tube)
  • Rounded tip for comfortable insertion.

Product information


Product description

Low-volume manual irrigation device

Product features

Smart design keeps it easy

  • Shaped to fit your hand for ergonomic use.
  • Squeeze friendly water container that holds 185 ml of water.
  • Rounded top for comfortable insertion.
  • Hygienic for convenient use.
  • Extension tube can be connected for extra reach.


Available for

Adults, adolescents and children from 3 years.


Navina TM is the registered trademark of Wellspect HealthCare.

Technical data

Intended use

Navina Mini is intended for transanal irrigation by instilling a low volume of water into rectum through a single use rectal cone.

Indications for use

Navina Mini is indicated for adults, adolescents and children from 3 years who suffer from incomplete emptying and/or fecal incontinence.

Primary package material

Cardboard and Corrugated cardboard

Product environmental label


Packaging environmental label

FSC (marking sustainable forestry)

Green Dot

Shelf life

All Navina Mini components have a shelf life of 2 years.

Product range

  1. Navina Mini Start Set

    Article number
    69310 00
    Product brand name
    Navina Mini Start Set
    Included parts

    1 water container, 5 rectal cones, 1 extension tube

  2. Navina Mini Set

    Article number
    69307 00
    Product brand name
    Navina Mini Set
    Included parts

    1 water container, 30 rectal cones

  3. Navina Mini Extension Set

    Article number
    69308 00
    Product brand name
    Navina Mini Extension Set
    Included parts

    1 water container, 30 rectal cones, 1 extension tube

  4. Navina Mini Refill Set

    Article number
    69309 00
    Product brand name
    Navina Mini Refill Set
    Included parts

    30 rectal cones

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