Navina™ Smart App Tips and Tricks

The Navina Smart app is a useful tool for follow-up on your treatments and to help optimize the settings for you. The combination of treatment data and your subjective experience of the procedure can be used both for your own tracking, as well as for discussions with your healthcare provider.

Why do I get a message about Bluetooth® when trying to synchronize?

Your smartphone communicates with the Navina Smart control unit with a wireless technique called Bluetooth. If the app asks you to activate Bluetooth, do so via your smartphone settings.

If you have activated Bluetooth on your smartphone, and the message still appears when trying to connect to Navina Smart control unit, your smartphone or your iOS/Android version is probably not supporting the correct version of Bluetooth, called Bluetooth LE. That means your device unfortunately may not be used together with Navina Smart control unit.

The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by DENTSPLY International is under license.

How can I do an Evaluation?

In the Main Menu, chose Evaluation which will lead you to a list of evaluations. To perform a new evaluation, choose the plus symbol in the top right corner of the screen plus symbol .

How often can I rate my irrigation?

You can only rate your last irrigation. You will be asked to do a rating when you have transferred a new irrigation from Navina Smart control unit. You will also be asked when you are about to start a new transfer. This is your last chance to do a rating. You may also perform a rating at any time by selecting the latest irrigation from the list of irrigations and in the next view press the button Rate this irrigation.

How can I share my irrigation reports?

In the Main Menu Click Send Report. The reports will be attached into an e-mail and you may choose to send the e-mail to yourself or to other recipients such as your healthcare professional. If you have provided an e-mail recipient in the settings view this address will be pre-printed in the e-mail each time. The email will also include the name you have set as Username in Settings.

The reports that will be attached are:

  • Irrigation data: all facts about your irrigation (e.g. amount of water, balloon size, water flow, duration) as well as the rating information (e.g. satisfaction score, problems reported, comments)
  • Evaluation data: the answers you have given in the evaluation questionnaires
  • Report graphs: a visual representation of your irrigation data

What if the hours and dates shown for my irrigations are not accurate?

You can always change the hour and date that is suggested for an irrigation by the Navina Smart app. That change will also affect future treatments and make those more accurate. Change the time stamp by clicking the irrigation in the list of irrigations, and then click the edit symbol edit symbol in the Date & Time field.

It is not the correct duration shown for my irrigation. How can I change that?

Select and click an irrigation in the irrigation list for which you want to change the duration time. In the Irrigation detail view, click on the arrow symbol arrow symbol in the Duration of irrigation box. Change the Evacuation Time by clicking the edit symbol edit symbol. The total time will change accordingly to adjustments in Evacuation time. The time that is shown for Instillation, represent the time you have used for water instillation and balloon adjustments.

How do I check my Navina Smart reports for Irrigations and Evaluations?

Once you have sent your reports via e-mail, they can be opened from your Sent items in your e-mail on your mobile device. When the receiver of the e-mail wants to check the files, they just click the attachments and the data are presented in Excel.

For improved readability when reviewed at a computer, please use the Text to Columns function in Excel.