Safe, committed and inspiring workplace

We promote well-being and want our employees to lead a sustainable work life.

Safe, committed and inspiring workplace  

We strive to be an inspiring and responsible business because we believe that an attractive and sustainable workplace is a prerequisite for financial growth. As a company, we take responsibility, and we invest in safety, training and well-being for our employees to enable them to reach their full potential.

Physical safety

Safety in the workplace is our highest priority. We regularly collect and evaluate data from risk analysis, EHS Rounds (environment, health and safety) and accident and incident reporting. In addition to this, all new managers undergo training in sustainability and work environment, security rounds are carried out on a regular basis and risk assessments are performed in the events of changes to our activities (operations, premises, equipment or working methods).

Social work environment

The social work environment is equally important to us as it ties into employees’ wellbeing. As a company, we have a range of activities in place to promote employees’ wellbeing, such as step count competitions, subsidized well-being activities, and healthcare allowances.

Spotlight on safe, committed and inspiring workplace

Connecting it all to the UN SDGs

We have identified where our opportunities and objectives are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS). Our work on safe, committed and inspiring workplace is aligned with the following goals: