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Welcome to Advancing Continence Care Together (ACCT) 

Patient holistic approach to bladder and bowel dysfunction

ACCT is Wellspect´s global forum for Advancing Continence Care Together.

With a patient holistic approach, we have a clear vision to inspire and explore both the scientific and human aspects of continence care.

We believe that transparency and interaction between clinical practice, scientific research and the continence care industry is the way forward.

We bring together the brightness of new ideas with the broad knowledge of our collective experience, we push the frontiers and make a real difference for everyone who relies on our progress.

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ACCT 2021 virtual event in 3 parts: Let’s Talk Science, Society and Self

We invite you to take a deep dive into highly relevant topics within the field of bladder and bowel dysfunction.

In our first webinar "Let´s Talks Science", we took a look at the latest research within Science, in the second event the angle was Society. We finished on June 17th with bladder and bowel management from an individual perspective, the Self aspect.

Watch our 3 webinars and obtain a CPD Certificate for each of them:

22nd April: Science (focus on urinary tract infections, the causes, and treatments)

  • Annelie Brauner: The troublesome issue with UTIs.
  • Vikram Khullar: Microbiome influence on UTIs.
  • Niall Galloway: Bowel dysfunction and UTI.

20th May: Society (focus on challenges with B&B dysfunction and effects on family and society)

  • Anne Cameron: Modern treatments – is it really worth it?
  • Ilan Koppen: Pediatric incontinence – effects on family, quality of life and society
  • Roberta Motta: A MS nurse role and point of view in bladder and bowel care

17th June: Self (focus on the patient's situation and quality of life)

  • Anton Emmanuel: Neurogenic Bowel Disorders vs Functional Bowel Disorder – does diagnosis matter?
  • Jalesh Panicker and Colette Haslam: Managing intimacy and sexual difficulties following neurological disease

All three webinares free to join and are CPD Accredited for 2 points each.

Previous ACCT Events

The first ACCT event was a conference in Gothenburg 2017. Since then, there have been several ACCT meetings in different formats, both global and in different parts of the world.