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Fluted silicone drains

• Enhanced patient comfort (1, 2)

– during rest
– when coughing
– upon drain removal

• Reduce the incidence of seroma formation after mastectomy surgery (3) 

• Allow for earlier diagnosis of post-operative complications after gastric bypass surgery (4) 

For post-operative wound drainage. Suitable for use together with Wellspect HealthCare wound drainage system: Bellovac,
Abdovac and Exudrain (Note: Not Bellovac ABT).

1. Terzi A, et al. European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, 2005 (27): 134-7
2. Rayatt SS, et al. Plastic Reconstructive Surgery, 2005 May; 115 (6): 1605-8
3. Porter Kathleen A. American Journal of Surgery, 1998 Jul; 176 (1): 8-11
4. Chousleb E, et al. Obesity surgery 2004; 14: 1203-7

Fluted Silicone Drains Wellspect HealthCare

Product range

Round fluted silicone drains

Ref No               Product
68460    4x15    Fluted silicone drain FG 10 with trocar
68461    4x15    Fluted silicone drain FG 14 with trocar
68462    4x15    Fluted silicone drain FG 18 with trocar

Flat fluted silicone drains
Ref No               Product

68463    4x15    Fluted silicone drain, flat 7 mm (FG14) with trocar
68464    4x15    Fluted silicone drain, flat 10 mm (FG14) with trocar