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Large volume drainage. Efficient drainage but with diminished blood loss compared to a high vacuum drain (1).

Surgical procedures

  • Orthopedics
  • Gynecology
  • General surgery

Complete set

Bellows, drainage bag and catheter, with or without trocar. Sterile and ready to use.

Max suction pressure

115 mmHg / 15 kPa


Bellows 220 ml
Bag 700 ml

1. Uncemented total knee replacement - the favorable influence of low over high pressure drainage. Morgan-Jones RL, Perko M MJ, Cross M, The Knee 7(2000) 149-150

Bellovac wound drainage Wellspect HealthCare

Product range

Ref No               Product
68390    2x15    Bellovac Set FG 10
68391    2x15    Bellovac Set FG 14
68392    2x15    Bellovac Set FG 18
68393    2x15    Bellovac Set FG 10 with trocar
68394    2x15    Bellovac Set FG 14 with trocar
68395    2x15    Bellovac Set FG 18 with trocar

Less blood loss with Bellovac

Uncemented total knee replacement - the favourable influence of low over high pressure drainage.

Morgan-Jones RL, Perko MM, Cross MJ.
Knee 2000 Jul 1;7(3):149-150

  • 122 uncemented total knee replacements were randomised to either have high pressure drainage or low pressure drainage (Bellovac)
  • The total blood loss was significantly lower in the low vacuum group, compared to the patients that had a high vacuum drain (mean blood loss 1364 ml vs 1695 ml, p<0,00062).
  • According to the authors, “the blood loss following knee replacement operations is substantial and can also be affected by the vacuum pressure in suction drains”.“High suction pressure drains are not necessary, and may be detrimental when used following uncemented total knee replacement” 
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