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Slit tip suction principle

Developed by Dr Bertil Vällfors, this unique Medena suction principle allows for precise and highly efficient atraumatic suction. The slits virtually eliminate the risk of tissue grab, providing aspiration until the wound is completely dry.

The development of the Slit Tip is based on extensive practical and theoretical studies. The three slits of this suction tip allow the instrument, in principle, to rest against the base of the wound with no risk of tissue grab. The suction itself is primarily lateral, giving a clean and synoptic operating field.

Tip with three slits

  • Tip with three slits.
  • Prevents tissue grab
  • Gives constant high suction capacity
  • Gives clean and synoptic operating field
Medena Slit Tip Suctin Principle Wellspect HealthCare
Close up of the Slit Tip Suction Principle Medena Wellspect HealthCare