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Surgical suction

The Technology

Medena is a wide range of surgical suction instruments for a wide variety of applications, focusing on two main suction principles - Slit Tip (Vällfors) and Maxi (double lumen). 

Both inner and outer surfaces are smooth and even, giving an increased flow rate, a reduced risk of blockage and less trauma to tissue. 

Medena suction instruments have easy-to-grip handles that facilitate precision in the work performed. The tips are white, providing better visibility in deep wounds than transparent suction tips.

  • Stable tubing – won’t collapse 
  • No inner constrictions – good flow minimizing blockage
  • Easy-to-grip handles – stable and easy to handle
  • White tip – high visibility even in deep wounds
  • Gentle suction principles
Surgical suction Wellspect HealthCare

Product range

The Medena product range of surgical suction instruments is both broad and specialized to suit all atraumatic fluid suction needs in many surgical procedures. The range includes separate tips and tubing as well as complete, ready-to-use, suction sets. Suction tips are available in different models. 

1. Sets

Suction set
Complete sets including suction tip, tubing and connecting cone. Option of 2.0 or 3.5-m tubing.

2. Tips

A range of suction tips is available separately, including Maxi and Vällfors slit tips.

3. Tubing

We offer a wide range of standard tubing available in lengths of 2.0 or 3.5 m, as well as an assortment of specialty tubing for curettage suction, airway suction etc. The tubing is smooth and kink resistant, without permanent loops.
Medena Surgical Suction Sets Tips and Tubing Wellspect HealthCare

Product Information