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Product Information

Bellovac ABT product information

Bellovac ABT is a closed system with dual function for both autologous blood transfusion and standard drainage. The Bellovac ABT set is used in adults for postoperative drainage, collection, filtration, and reinfusion of blood, in knee and hip surgery. Do not leave the drainage in situ longer than necessary. Delayed withdrawal may cause discomfort and tissue damage. Reinfusion only via peripheral veins. For more information please refer to the instructions for use.

Complete set

The Bellovac ABT Set is delivered complete and sterile, ready to use for the collection and reinfusion of one unit of autologous blood.

Sizes: FG 10, 14 and 18

Max suction pressure

90 mmHg / 12 kPa


Bellows 220 ml
Bag 500 ml


All the components are made of bio-compatible, pyrogen-free material with extensive testing of each batch. The catheter is radiopaque.

Tripple non-return valves

In bellows inlet and outlet as well as in bag inlet, to protect the patient as well as the staff.

Tripple filters

200 micron macro-filter in the autotransfusion bag. 80 and 40 micron micro-filters in the transfusion set.

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