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Bellovac ABT

Bellovac ABT offers the optimal solution for the post-operative drainage, collection, filtration and reinfusion of autologous blood. The Bellovac ABT set is used in adults for postoperative drainage, collection, filtration and reinfusion of blood, in knee and hip surgery. Do not leave the drainage in situ longer than necessary. Delayed withdrawal may cause discomfort and tissue damage. Reinfusion only via peripheral veins. For more information please refer to the instructions for use.

Easy to use

  • Dual function - both as autologous reifusion and as standard drain
  • No extra equipment
  • No specially trained staff
  • Complete and ready to use


  • Closed system
  • Reduced risk for post-operative infections


  • As a complete set with dual function Bellovac ABT is the cost effective solution to giving autologous blood. Costs are further minimized due to the lowered risk for post-operative infections.

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