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Navina for children

Navina™ Systems is a modern transanal irrigation system with features and accessories making it suitable for use in children. The system has been developed in co-operation with users and healthcare professionals.

Disposable hydrophilic catheter and cone

Navina Systems works with both catheter and cone.
  • • Hydrophilic catheter suitable for children
  • • Flexible and durable balloon, seals the rectum throughout treatment.
  • • Hydrophilic cone designed to fit snugly against the bottom
  • • Soft and pliable material with good grip.

The real game changer for TAI in children is  the electronic Smart control, which ensures that the therapy is consistent in its performance every time. 

Navina Small Catheter and Cone Splash
Navina Small Product page image

Navina Smart

Navina Smart is an electronic TAI system, with an intuitive and user-friendly control unit. The control has built-in safety for maximum balloon size, water quantity and flow rate. Once personalized setting have been saved you only need to click start, ensuring that you get the right balloon size, water speed and volume – every time, regardless of who performs the procedure.

Navina Smart app

Finding optimal treatment parameters can be difficult and take time. The Navina Smart app is designed to help personalize therapy faster. The app stores treatment data and allows your child to rate the irrigation. Both parents and child can actively follow the progress over time and can easily see which settings provide the highest rating. Download for free at App Store or Google Play.

Navina Classic

Navina Classic offers easy pumping, large intuitive controls and colour-coded water and air inflation pumps for clear understanding. Navina Classic is the perfect choice when manual irrigation is preferred.

Instructions for use

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