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Take control and save time with TAI

Living with bowel problems can be difficult, and it affects not only the child but also routines and the life of the whole family.

Many parents with a child suffering from bowel dysfunction, struggle for far too long with dietary and stool (poo) changing medication, such as laxatives or stool thickeners, without satisfactory results. But there is a better solution available.

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TAI is a successful therapy for many children living with bowel dysfunction. TAI restores a healthy bowel routine, and helps your child to regain control of when and where to go to the toilet.

With that, the inconvenience of accidents eventually disappears, and both you and your child can start living your life without constantly thinking about the bowel and toilet needs.

In short, when the bowel works, life works. However, TAI may feel strange or intimidating in the beginning, and it may take some time to get it right. As the stomach and bowel is a complicated system, it needs time to adjust to new routines. But it needs time to adjust to new routines. But it will be worth it in the long run.

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