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Navina Flush Hero

Navina Flush Hero is an app game for children who are starting to use TAI. The aim is to create a positive association for the child and to help the child to remember the next TAI procedure, building motivation and establish a good routine around TAI.
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The Game

The arena of the game is the bowel system and the story is related to TAI treatment. The goal is to defeat the Navina Boss by shooting water jets. The game consists of a world map, with totally 5 Navina Bosses. Each Navina Boss rule their own world and each world consists of 7 different game levels. At start, the first Navina Boss world is unlocked and all 7 levels can be played immediately. A new level is released daily the next coming four weeks. You have to succeed at the first level, before you can continue to next.

Navina Flush Hero can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play for free and is available for smartphones and tablets.

Navina Flush Hero App

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