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What we do

We support people suffering from urinary retention or chronic constipation by providing systems for bladder and bowel management.

Some users are paralyzed due to a spinal cord injury or spina bifida, and some have illnesses affecting the bladder, bowel or both. Some may also need our products due to more mechanical issues, such as enlarged prostate, weakened pelvic floor or other conditions.

High competency, relevant solutions

It’s easy for anyone to get overwhelmed by the daily stream of information, flooding in through an everincreasing amount of channels. The sheer volume seems to expand while we have less and less time for researching our options. All you want is a solution. A solution that fits you.

That’s why we work to understand what is relevant to you – to map out your needs so we can  meet them. We collaborate with users, healthcare professionals and experts in technology, to understand exactly how our products are used and how they can be improved.

We started this journey by inventing the hydrophilic catheter. We set the standard for quality and reliability, and we continue to raise these standards.

Scientific approach

All our products are submitted to a rigorous evaluation process, including clinical trials, to ensure they are safe, effective and accessible in the hands of users.

Our investigations don’t end there – we conduct both our own scientific research and provide unrestricted funding support for Investigator Initiated Studies for researchers with great ideas from all over the world.

Our studies have yielded ground-breaking inventions including the hydrophilic coating that ensures smooth catheterization, both on insertion and withdrawal, for our LoFric users. Another of our products – Navina – pioneers equally important innovation as the first intelligent system for bowel management.

Wellspect is committed to delivering 100% safe, efficient and clinically supported products.