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Fredrik Didriksson

My role

I am at the EAU Congress to take part in topical research in the field of urology. My role at the congress is to listen to interesting speeches, search for new ideas and to get inspiration for new development areas for R&D at Wellspect HealthCare. The conference also offers possibilities to meet and exchange ideas with scientists and delegates from all the world.

My day

My Saturday started early in the morning with interesting speeches from experts in oncology within the urology area and in the afternoon focus was on infectious urological diseases. UTI (Urinary Tract Infections) for people that need catheters to empty their bladder is an area Wellspect HealthCare strives to stop. My Saturday has been really inspiring since I have been able to listen to new research within the area and to see what new products and solutions Wellspect HealthCare can develop based on these new findings.