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Are you a professional?

Student and Internships

We offer the next generation of employees a range of experiences to get your career started. If you are looking for an internship, considering your final thesis, a graduate looking for a new challenge, or you just want to meet us at an event, visit our LinkedIn page for the latest opportunities.

Internship – You are the professionals of tomorrow

Your career at Wellspect Mölndal HQ can start with an internship. If you have an idea for an internship, contact us at and we'll identify a supporting manager to discuss your proposition. We also post internship opportunities on our LinkedIn page.

Your thesis

Doing your thesis work at Wellspect Mölndal HQ will have you involved in interesting and important topics that make a difference. At the same time you will be able to build your personal network for your future career, that can open doors to various opportunities in your team.
If you have an idea for a thesis, contact us at and we’ll identify a supporting manager to discuss your proposition. We also post thesis opportunities on our LinkedIn page.

Summer internship (Sweden)

If you are studying at high school, collage or University, you are able to apply for summer internship. A perfect chance to get an insight of what future possibilities we have to offer when you graduate. It can be your first step into the labor market. Application period for summer jobs start at the beginning of February and is posted on our job portal.

Next Stop Gothenburg

Together with Next Stop Gothenburg, a project initiated by the West Swedish Chamber of Commerce, you'll be able to meet us at career fairs around Sweden. We have joined forces with other companies from our region to show the exciting opportunities that exist after graduation at Wellspect and beyond. Visit  to sign up for a Career Weekend in Gothenburg, which may include a visit to our site in Mölndal. You will also meet employees and gain insights about our work, products and career opportunities. We hope it leaves you curious about what we do, and inspired about your next steps!