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Merel Zitter

Market Assistant
Wellspect HealthCare, The Netherlands

Find out how Merel Zitter's lifestyle was affected by Health Matters, our Global Wellness Program

On May 31st our Dutch colleagues ran the 3 Plassenloop Roadrunnersen Zoetermeer. Merel Zitter was one of our employees that crossed the finishing line. This is her story about how STRIVE made it possible.

"Two years ago we were challenged by Dentsply Sirona to start working out once a week. A bit doubtful (since I am not really a sporty type) I joined my colleagues for the first work out and I was surprised to find out that it was actually quite fun. Since that time I join my colleagues whenever I can and whoever feels like it can join our group for an hour of boot camp. It has been such a success that even the weather could not keep us from our weekly workout after that first time and so we went through rain, hailstorm, freezing cold and warm sunny days.

Straight from the office we get into our sportswear and we start the weekly training on the doorstep of the Dentsply Sirona Benelux office. Aided by our trainer we fill an hour with push-ups, sit-ups, burpies, squats, jumping jacks, planks (and you name it) combined with running. Although these sweaty trainings are very effective and even started to show results after a few months, we wanted something new and we decided to start training for a goal: a 5 km run! Yes, most of us had never done that before. In fact, some of us did not perform any kind of sport before (like me). In the weeks that followed we started focusing more on our running skills to get ready for the first 5 km.

On Sunday morning May 31 Lisette and I felt ready to fulfill our goal and we decided to join a monthly local run organized by Road Runners Zoetermeer. Every last Sunday of the month everyone who likes a sporty start of their Sunday morning is free to join. Whether you are a beginner or a professional. Complete with our own personal back number we started the run together with 115 runners. My personal goal was to see if I could run 5 km continuously and I wasn’t even thinking about doing that in a certain time. The first km went by easily but as the meters passed it started getting harder quickly.

I guess I made a common beginners mistake by starting off to fast and trying to keep up with Lisette. I couldn’t be more happy when I finally saw the finish line (where Lisette was already waiting for me). I reached my goal and it was a nice surprise to see that I did it in less than 30 minutes. For now, I will just stick with the boot camp trainings until the next challenge.”