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A region on the cutting edge of clinical research

Wellspect central headquarters are located in Mölndal, 10 minutes from Gothenburg, on Sweden’s west coast - a region characterized by its high concentration of world-leading companies specializing in life science, and well-known for being on the forefront of clinical research, sustainability and innovation.

More than 500 people work in departments that range from Sales, Research & Development, Marketing, Manufacturing and Supply Chain, Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs to Finance, Legal, Information Systems/Information Technology and Human Resources.

Gothenburg people

"The most sociable city"

Gothenburg has been a center of global trade and industry since the 1700s. Today, you will find the headquarters of many international brands located in the city, attracting employees from around the world. The cosmopolitan culture, world class cuisine, vibrant night life and beauty of the surrounding archipelagos, combined with an expanding work force and huge investment made in infrastructure and construction makes Gothenburg an attractive destination for all professionals.