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Are you a professional?

Developing your career together

Together we are committed to developing your career. As an employee, you will receive an ongoing assessment of your performance, deliveries and skills. We will support you with generous benefits and have a range of processes embedded in every employee's schedule that allow for development and progression.


To ensure you receive the learning and development you need in your role, we use the three models of learning 70/20/10. We believe that:

  • 70% of training takes place at work and will provide you with hands on experience
  • 20% of training will come from interaction with other persons
  • 10% from formal or structured training

Research and surveys have shown that the majority of learning and development takes place through on-the-job assignments.

Performance Management

Together with your people manager you will continuously follow up your goals and receive feedback based on your individual goal plan and performance. Once a year a year-end review takes place with focus on the overall performance picture, your work and your deliveries. Your performance and contribution are the basis for your salary development. 

Onboarding program

Everyone who joins us takes part in the onboarding program. Starting the moment you receive your contract, it orients our new employee to company history, vision, core values, policies, training, organization and global wellness program. Your new colleagues and team will also have a specific onboarding program to help you get comfortable in your new role.

Career Path Model

A Career Path Model offers an avenue for development for:

  • Specialists
  • Project managers
  • People managers

You are able to grow and develop your career not only as a manager, but also expand your role with more responsibilities and expertise within your department and/or across our organisation.

Talent Management

Creating an organization to attract, retain and develop talented people ensures the future of our business. In our yearly Talent Development review, candidates and successors are identified for key roles.

Women Inspired Network – WIN

Realising leadership potential and accelerating the career development for women across our organisation is the foundation of our Women Inspired Network. The network provides additional opportunities to learn and gain insights on leadership and the challenges women face in pursuing career goals, with a focus on personal competency development.

Leadership program

As people manager you are able to participate in leadership programs. This program can vary from region to region. As you progress through the people manager learning journey, you can be nominated for Global programs at our College of Leadership Excellence. Visit your local site for more information.