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At Wellspect HealthCare we passionately strive to improve the quality of life for our customers. As a part of this we seek to develop innovative solutions that can aid customers in new ways. Our Innovation Office continuously evaluates new ideas that could improve the lives of our customers in the future. If you have an idea that you think could help us in our pursuit and that would benefit from our extensive knowledge about our customers, product development, urology and the medical device industry, you are more than welcome to share it with us.

Managing your idea

The process describes how your idea will be managed here at Wellspect HealthCare and also the points at which you can expect to get feedback on if your idea is selected to advance. The first evaluation will be based on the material submitted by you. If the Innovation Office finds your idea interesting more information relating to market, technical, financial and business potential will be gathered before making decisions on whether or not to pursue the idea in the following phases of the process. 

Idea process

Innovation Office

At InOff we try to create an innovation culture at Wellspect Healthcare and try to find new products for the future, within Home Products as well as Professional Products. By enhancing the amount of IPR, we can ensure that we offer competitive products also in the future.

InOff is the point of entry for internal and external idea creators, where we take care of the product ideas that are presented to Wellspect, and where we try to estimate technical feasibility, risks, sales price, COGS (cost of goods), business potential, strategic fit etc. If the idea looks promising, we perform a minor pre-study and then bring it to PPC, for a project decision.

InOff will also follow the technical forefront within our areas of interest, and participate in scientific collaborations with academic institutions, other companies, external inventors etc., where we see that it will contribute to Wellspect’s business.
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